Entity Framework Interview Questions

Entity framework is now quite old ADO.NET approach and peoples uses this almost in every projects. I have made consolidated list of all frequently asked entity framework interview questions and generally useful for junior and senior developers.

  1. What is ORM?
  2. Which ORM did you used? Any other ORM’s do you Know?
  3. What is Entity Framework?a
  4. What are advantages of EF over traditional ADO.NET?
  5. What is Model First, Database First and Code First Approach in Entity Framework?
  6. Explain Code First Approach?
  7. What is Repository Pattern?
  8. What is Unit of Work? Have you used before?
  9. Which one is better among three?
  10. What is LINQ to SQL?
  11. What is difference between LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework?
  12. What is EDMX File?
  13. What is CSDL, SSDL and MSL sections in an EDMX file?
  14. What is Eager Loading, Lazy Loading and Explicit Loading in Entity Framework?
  15. What is Complex Type object?
  16. What is the difference between DbContext and ObjectContext?
  17. What are Navigation Properties in Entity Framework?
  18. How will you enhance the performance of Entity Framework?
  19. How will you do transaction management using Entity framework
  20. What is Entity Framework Core?

Apart from this architects also advocate use of nHybernate and Dapper.NET which are comparatively alternatives to Entity Framework. I my personal opinion dapper is the fastest ORM I have observed(but this doesn’t mean it’s better than Entity Framework) and I will discuss more on this in my upcoming posts.

I hope these questions helps you prepare your Entity Framework Interviews. I wish all the best for your interviews.

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