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Student Course Instructor based SQL Interview Questions

School based system design is one of most used case to start with any learning application. The typical school based system has four main entities i.e.┬áStudent, Instructor, Department and Course There are number of possibilities that interviewer may ask questions. So here I will show you the detail understanding of School based system. Database or …

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FULL Stack vs MEAN Stack Development

FULL Stack vs MEAN Stack

Today, while driving (from home to office at Hinjawadi) on motorcycle one thought came into my mind that why not to write post on difference between FULL Stack and MEAN Stack development? Now a days, developers across the information technology industry (weather they are in Office Canteen, Cubicles, Chai-Tapri or Smoking Zones) discuss about the …

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How to become a Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer is someone who is able to work on both font-end and back-end of application. Front-end refers to the pat of application where end user will see or interact, and back end is refer to applications authentication, security, business logic, data access logic, database interaction and server configuration. According to Stack Overflow Developer …

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