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Azure DevOps Multistage Pipeline Approval Gates

Introduction As you know we mostly used YAML for build pipelines and Classic UI approach for release pipelines until last month. It was a demand from developer community to add capability to support YAML in release pipelines. I am glad to update you all, Microsoft has recently announced(previously it was in preview mode) the multi-stage …

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Create azure resource manager service connection for azure devops

Introduction: In my previous post, I explained about creation of service principal using azure cli. In this post I’d explains creation of azure resource manager service connection for azure devops. Basically, Service connection allows to communicate with external systems like GitHub, SonarCloud, Bitbucket, Azure etc. In order to deploy azure cloud based solution, you need …

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Azure DevOps Distribute Taskgroups, Variablegroups and Service connections

Introduction I have developed an Azure DevOps Extension along with my senior colleague Michael Bentley (Developer Enabling Services for Azure(DESA) team) in leading Dutch Bank’s Center of Expertise Department. We thought this extension could have been helpful for wider Azure DevOps community hence we published our extension with documentation in Microsoft Azure DevOps Marketplace. Please …

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