Web API Interview Questions

In my last post we discussed about the Interview Questions on WCF. Basically why I separated these two article into separate post is because WCF is used to create reliable, secure web service that accessible over variety of transport and Web API used to create purely HTTP(REST) based services that are accessible from a variety of clients. 

In this article I have added questions from WCF, MVC and Web API.

  1. What is ASP.NET Web API?
  2. What is REST?
  3. What are advantages of using REST in Web API?
  4. What is GET, POST, PUT and DELETE?
  5. What is difference between PUT and POST?
  6. Explain Web API Routing?
  7. What is HttpStatusCode? Any other ?
  8. Can we create SOAP based message using Web API?
  9. What are the Advantages of Using ASP.NET Web API?
  10. Which version you are/have using/used?
  11. Difference between Web API 1.0 and Web API 2.0?
  12. Which Features are Introduced in ASP.NET Web API 2.0?
  13. What is CORS ?
  14. What is OWIN?
  15. What is OData?
  16. Serialization and Deserialization in Web API?
  17. Difference between WCF and ASP.NET Web API?
  18. Difference between MVC and ASP.NET Web API?
  19. How to Return View from ASP.NET Web API Method?
  20. Can we use Web API with ASP.NET Web Form?
  21. Web API Supports Overloading?
  22. How will you provide an Alias Name for ASP.NET Web API Action?
  23. Can we write unit test for Web API? How ? Tools?
  24. Exception handling in Web API?
  25. What are filters in Web API?
  26. What is Async function ?
  27. What is media types of HTTP? What are they?
  28. What are difference between AJAX and REST?
  29. What are difference between SOAP and REST?

I hope these questions helps you prepare your Web API Interviews. I wish all the best for your interviews.

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